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What does PQSI offer?

Comprehensive electrical measurement and analysis of your facility’s power distribution system for starters. Our report/proposal will identify your facility’s existing inefficiencies and power quality disturbances and then offer specific solutions along with the associated project costs, annual savings, and return on your investment [ROI].

  • Review of your facility’s electrical layout.
  • State-of-the-art electrical measurement using Fluke 435-II power analyzer or equivalent/more advanced.
  • Modeling of your load profile, incorporating the past twelve month’s electric bills with the measured data.
  • Engineers then analyze the data in order to prepare a comprehensive analysis and impact report/proposal for review and evaluation.


PQSI provides comprehensive measurement and analysis of 3Phase electrical distribution systems using state of the art power analyzers:

  • Master electricians with arc flash training and/or are 30 hr to 80 hr OSHA certified
    • Fully Insured as per heavy industrial standards
    • ISNetworld registered member contractor
    • NFPA 70E Safety standards
    • PQSI Safety standards
  • Record and Analyze levels of Specific and Triplen harmonic content, voltage stability, load balance, power factor and KVA capacity

Systems Service & Support

Systems Service & Support

PQSI offers some of the strongest warranties in the industrial world with our 3/1/3 warranty on all new power quality systems renewable up to 30 years:

  • 3 Years parts and 1 year labor for anything other than water or malicious damage
  • 3 Annual on-site inspections included with all new systems
  • Renewable up to 30 years
  • Optional long term service and maintenance agreements

Measurement & Verification

Measurement & Verification

PQSI includes within each new turnkey project, independent 3rd party engineering verification of the cumulative kW & kWh savings resulting from this energy conservation measure:

  • Independent engineering firm works directly with customer, supported by PQSI
  • IPMVP Adherent Option D, Calibrated Simulation Model M&V Plan used
  • Precision is 0.1% over a 12 month period with greater than 95% certainty
  • Simulation mathematical model calibrated with historical electric bill data
  • Using past 48 months electric bills along with 48 months, broken down to weekly, production / operational data
  • Calibrated simulation model presented to stakeholders prior to commissioning
  • Option of 3rd party engineering firm providing monthly summary reports or active web based tracking & reporting with regular updates by the customer

System Restoration

System Restoration

PQSI will restore, service, maintain and long term warranty existing power compensation systems and equipment of all types. Just contact us to get information regarding what you can do with your existing systems:

  • On-site evaluations and report on condition and effectiveness of existing systems
  • Long term service and maintenance
  • Warranty up to 30 years from date of original installation

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