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Compensation Systems

Integrated energy saving and power compensation technology

  • Consists of multi-stage RLC circuits which are activated, according to the preset, designed parameters using Ladder Logic Principle.
  • Can be designed for any three-phase application for Voltages ranging from 208V to 600V, as well as for various international voltage standards and line frequencies.
  • Is equipped with a microprocessor based Regulator, which monitors V, I, P.F., and Hr. at the rate of 3840-15360 samples per second.
  • Is equipped with Self Diagnostic Features (SDF), which identifies status of each stage.
  • Is designed to absorb causes of numerous power quality disturbances and with minimal but proper service and maintenance can last for 30 years!

PQSI Systems are custom engineered

Cost-effectively optimize the efficiency and quality of your power delivery system with PQSI! By improving the quality of power, PQSI Systems saves KW & KWH from 4% – 8% while operating the same loads. Power quality compensation technology benefits:

  • Alleviate power disturbances facility wide
  • Reduce KW and KWH / release KVA capacity
  • Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance
  • Increase longevity of plant and equipment
  • Covered for lightning strikes
  • Installs in parallel and modular/li>
  • Independent savings verification

Standard PQSI System

Solves common issues linked to power quality.

  • Improves and stabilizes voltage
  • Enhances three-phase balancing
  • Protects against surges and transients (up to 300,000 V)
  • Filters broadband harmonics (IEEE 519 Standard)
  • Improves power factor ( +/-95% )(with no capacitor side effects)
  • Frees up KVA capacitance
  • Reduces kW and kWh

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Voltage Improvement & Stability

  • Provides real time voltage improvement and stability
  • Saves energy (KW, KVA, KWH)
  • Connects in parallel and is fail-safe
  • Is modular and expandable

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Three Phased Current Balancing

  • Provides real time phase balancing based on X/R
  • Reduces negative voltage sequence and circulating currents
  • Saves energy (KW, KVA, and KWH)

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Surge & Transient Protection

  • Fast acting response
  • Infinite response to Surges & Transients
  • No Joules threshold
  • Saves energy and provides status indication

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Broadband Harmonics Mitigation

  • Modular and expandable point of origin mitigation eliminates associated wasted energy
  • Protects one load from damaging harmonics from another load
  • Protects utility grid from bleed off

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Power Factor Improvement

  • Provides power factor (PF) of 94% – 100%
  • Typically maintains PF close to unity
  • Micro-processor control
  • Optimizes system power factor without deleterious capacitor side effects.
  • Self-Diagnostic Feature (SDF)

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KVA Capacity Release

  • Effectively reduced all 3 components of power
  • Balanced-capacity release in (XFMR) KVA
  • No adverse side effects
  • More cost effective than other devices on the market
USA & Canada (877) 714-5574
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