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Compensation Systems

Compensation Systems

Standard PQSI System Solves common issues linked to power quality.

  • Improves and stabilizes voltage
  • Enhances three-phase balancing
  • Protects against surges and transients (up to 300,000 V)
  • Filters broadband harmonics (IEEE 519 Standard)
  • Improves power factor ( +/-95% )(with no capacitor side effects)
  • Frees up KVA capacitance
  • Reduces kW and kWh

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Monitoring Systems

Monitoring Systems

PQSI allows commercial/industrial energy consumers to monitor and control energy consumption in real time to enable them to:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Measure the effectiveness of energy conservation programs
  • Reduce peak demand and take advantage of energy incentive programs

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Efficiency Management Tools

Efficiency Management Tools

PQSI offers state of the art Web based Energy Management Information Software (EMIS) tool:

  • M&V (Measurement & Verification) any ECM (Energy Conservation Measure) from any energy source
  • GHG annual reporting
  • Carbon Credit calculation
  • Tax recuperation
  • Energy Forecasting
  • Maintenance data archiving
  • and more...

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PQSI offers some of the strongest warranties in the industrial world with our 3/1/3 warranty on all new power quality systems renewable up to 30 years:

  • 3 Years parts and 1 year labor for anything other than water or malicious damage
  • 3 Annual on-site inspections included with all new systems
  • Renewable up to 30 years
  • Optional long term service and maintenance agreements

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USA & Canada (877) 714-5574
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