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PQSI and the Environment

PQSI is unique in the field of energy conservation. Many energy conservation measures address particular portions of the typical load such as lighting. All energy conservation measures are admirable, but often only address a fraction of a facility’s loads. However, a PQSI System as an energy conservation measure, approaches conservation from a holistic perspective in order to compensate for and protect the entire low voltage, 600V and below, distribution load. Thus PQSI Systems have a profound positive impact to a much larger degree than almost any other approach.

Furthermore, by alleviating power quality disturbances, PQSI Systems not only positively impacts the energy requirement for commercial industrial and government consumers, but also their production, labor and operations & maintenance costs. The result of these improvements is a profound positive impact on the environment that goes well beyond a facility’s energy needs.


Implementation of a PQSI System causes a reduction of wear and tear and an increase of longevity for plant & equipment resulting in a reduced rate of repair and replacement.

The resulting reduction of energy required at every stage of the process to create and replace that equipment is a reduction of negative impact to the environment. For example, in order to replace a motor, pump or compressor, a staggering amount of energy is consumed at a minimum of 8 to 12 stages in the process. From extraction, processing and delivery of raw materials to the assembly distribution and delivery to end users, a mind boggling quantity of energy and material is consumed to move through each stage of the development and deliver replacements to the worlds commercial, industrial and government consumers. Hence when we increase the longevity of that equipment and reduce the need for replacement by years, we have a tremendous positive impact on the company’s carbon footprint as well as for the global environment.

Power Quality Systems International, LLC is proud to be a positive provider of strategies to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and contribute to the improvement of the global environment.

USA & Canada (877) 714-5574
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